ChickP offers a qualitative shift in plant-based proteins

The first neutral-taste Chickpea protein:

  • Concentrate – 70-85% protein
  • Isolate – 90% protein


With the rising interest in super foods and healthy eating, comes a steady decline in consumption of animal-based foods (meat or dairy). The growing concern for sustainability, as well as the desire for clean labels and allergens-free foods, create a heavy demand on a healthy and diverse plant-based proteins that can replace meat and dairy without compromising nutrition and taste.


That’s where science and design come in.

Our team of experts has devised a way to extract up to 90% pure protein out of the Chickpea seed. The ChickP protein is unique by its neutral taste, enabling the production of an endless list of applications including meat and dairy-like foods, beverages, pastries, snacks, cereals and more.


To offer the most delicious and finest-quality chickpea protein to the food industry- up to 90% neutral-taste protein, which is allergen, gluten, and GM-free.


Ron Klein, CEO

Seasoned executive with 20 years of experience in international companies in general management, business development, global M&As and JVs, and finance. Formerly CEO of Source of Sounds and President of Silynx Communication (USA, tactical hearing protection/ enhancement military headset systems); Corporate Comptroller Strauss Group. International MBA, Northwestern University & Tel Aviv University; BA Accounting and Economics, Tel Aviv university.

Ram Reifen, MD, CSO

Ram is a world-renowned expert in food security and maternal and child nutrition. He brings over three decades of clinical and research experience at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he also serves as the Director of the Centre for Nutrigenomics and Functional Foods. Ram is a Pediatrician specializing in Gastroenterology and Nutrition, and serves as a member and active consultant in committees and biotech companies related to food, nutrition, agritech and health. As an MD with M.Sc in Nutrition and an MBA, he founded ChickP after years of research which led to the IP-protected technology for superb quality plant protein.

Shimrit Bar-El, Ph.D, COO

Shimrit is a nutritional biochemist and an expert in food allergies. She was also a research associate at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the field of nutrigenomics, food allergies, and maternal & child nutrition, where she was granted her Ph.D in Biochemistry in 2015. With her background, Shimrit brings vast experience in translating ideas from bench to practice, and bridging the gap between basic science & nutrition, and the Food Tech industry. Shimrit holds an M.Sc and B.Sc in Biotechnology from Bar-Ilan University.

Roi Wurgaft, MSc, CTO

Roi is an acknowledged expert and leader in the proteins idustry. His last 17 years have been spent crafting vast expertise and skill with protein technologies. His background in process design, product development and engineering coupled with practical business knowledge enablehim to translate technical processes into financially viable businesses.Roi has an experience in planing, building and optimazing pland based proetein factories and heis responsiblle for pioneering innovative production methods in the food industry. Roi, a developer, disigner and enterpreneur, specializes in plant based proteins, has been instrumental in research, development and finding innovative uses for existing products and processes. He has developed and commercialized many food and beverage products for human nutrition.

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